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Route bains de secours
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Les bains de secours

Restaurant | Sevignacq-Meyracq

No one knows exactly when or how began the use of sources of Relief Bains, what is certain is that the ancestors of Jean Pierre Paroix already living in the heart of the valley at the time when Gaston came Home Stores There hunt wild boar or brown bears ... Much later Théophile de Bordeu, physician to Louis XV, praised the effectiveness of the waters of this small corner of Béarn. Then Hydrotherapy in the golden century, when Empress Eugenie and the cream of the European aristocracy took the way to the Pyrenean stations, while a small nation of shopkeepers, farmers, artisans and winemakers came to relieve his rheumatism Baths Relief. Throughout the summer the owners prepared the baths, rented rooms, selling soup and wine and the rest were peasants because they had to live all année.Il remains here last micro-stations spas that once dotted the Pyrenean Piedmont and it is this age-old tradition of hospitality that we try to perpetuate in the former farm became board small hotel has deemed the table and also in the nearby spa where you can today dive into the old gray Arudy marble baths and enjoy modern relaxation techniques that you are proposed.

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